Jul 24, 2014

Out of Africa: Himeji Central Park Safari

In both Swahili and Arabic, the word “Safari” means “Journey”. Well, over the long weekend, my family and I made this journey to Himeji Central Park, which is a Safari Park, in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. This Park opened in 1984 and is the only safari park in the “Kansai” region of Japan.
While the safari is the main attraction in Himeji Central Park, it also includes an amusement park, a number of swimming pools (in summer) and a skating rink (in winter). My youngest son, who is 9, is really enjoying swimming this summer and one of his biggest plans for the summer is to go visit as many water parks as he can, during his six-week summer vacation.
The Safari park in Himeji is, in fact, quite amazing and one can either drive through the safari in their own car, or take the cute animal faced safari bus, and also walk through a part of the safari, to get a first-hand experience watching aquatic birds, kangaroos and other animals from close quarters. For an aerial view of the safari animals, the overhead gondolas take you through the “sky safari”.

The Drive-through safari includes:
Cheetah Section/ Lion Section / Tiger Section

Bengal Tiger

Herbivore Section A: Somali Giraffes, Lone Antelope, White Orix, Chapman Zebras, Axis Deers and Sitatunga
Herbivore Section B: Mufuron, Himalayan Tahrs, Black Back, etc.
Herbivore Section C: Hippopotamuses, American Bisons, Lama, American Back, etc
Zebra Section: Grevy's Zebras, etc.
Larger Herbivore Section:  White Rhinoceroses, African Bush Elephants, Two humped Camels, etc.

Lone Antelope
Himalayan Tahrs
Black Elephants
The Walking Safari includes:

Child's Farm
Walking Avenue: White lions, White tigers, etc.

Kangaroo Park
Bear Park
Monkey Mountain

Elephant Kingdom

Sky Safari

The Amusement park has the following rides:

Free Fall

Giant Ferris wheel


Finally the seasonal attractions include:

Aquaria: A number of swimming pools with high rising sliders (in summer).


Ice Park: Ice rink (in winter).

Whether you’re an animal lover, or want to enjoy the high speed rides or just need to take a dip in the pool to cool down in summer, Himeji Central Park ensures you a fun filled day! Oh! and the restaurants serve really great, delicious  but reasonably priced meals...!!!

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