Jan 23, 2014

The Curious Case of the Missing Button

Have you ever lost something very small yet regretted it big time? Well, it happened to me recently. For over two weeks now, the top button of my overcoat was

dangling from a thread, about to detach anytime. Every time I wore that coat, I told myself I would repair the button when I got home, only to forget about it or put it off for another day. I figured Mr. Button would consider my inconvenience (of being lazy) and hold on a little longer! However, yesterday, the button gave in and fell off somewhere, leaving me unable to button up my coat in this terribly cold weather. 
Now, not only do I have to find time to sew the button on, but first, I have to wait for the weekend to go buy a matching button! Talk about saving time!  And to think, I was excellent at time management!! Funny, how little we know of ourselves!! If only I had sewn the button on time? If only I had remembered that, a stitch in time saves nine, things would have been different.
Although my temporary sufferings will come to an end this weekend, this small incident made me realize how there are so many other things in my daily life which need immediate attention but get delayed, simply because I’m lazy! One of them is a healthier lifestyle, which also happens to be one of my most important 2014 New Year’s Resolutions. I actually envy and idolize people who take good care of themselves, yet whenever the focus is on me, I go into reverse gearWhy?
Nevertheless, with every passing year, my lack of physical activity is affecting my health. My energy level is not what it used to be and aging in addition to a slowing metabolism, aren’t making it any easier. I know what to do, but I don’t, and always manage to escape through self-constructed loopholes (lame excuses), perfectly!
So this time, I took my small button incident to heart, and decided to make that change now, and become more physically active, a month ahead of my valentine birthday.

Today, I left the car and walked to work. It took about 25 minutes one way, which means 50 minutes of easy physical exercise, without making any changes in my schedule! How cool is that? Why didn’t I think of this before?
Anyway, I plan to walk 2 days a week and finally level up to 3 days. That way, I’ll be getting 150 minutes of the recommended physical exercise I need and be guilt free!! Isn’t it funny how it’s always easy to keep others motivated and slip yourself?
Well, I know beginnings are always exciting and seem easy, but the hardest part is to continue…! Will I break it this time or will I succeed?
Well, only time will tell, so wish me luck!  Happy walking!


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