Jan 9, 2014

New Year’s Resolution

Hello friends, how have you been? We’re already into the second week of 2014, but I’m still struggling to shift  from my holiday mood to work mode !! 

So, what’s your take on “New Year’s Resolutions”? Do you make any? Do you try to keep them, or are they broken as quickly as they were made?

As for me, I make a long list every year, only to keep one or two and consciously ignore the tough ones!! However, unlike other years, I’ve not made any new resolutions in 2014. Rather, I’m going to work on my old ones, brushing up my antiques and coming full circle. 

My key words for 2014: 

Retry, reinvent, remodel, reduce, reuse and recycle 

My main goals for 2014: 

1.  Spend as much time as I can with my family.

Family has always been my first priority, but ever since my eldest son moved out to live in Tokyo for his job, I miss even the simplest things we used to do together as a family. More than ever, I realize now that, nothing can replace the beauty, warmth and comfort of home and family. The best part is, our family and close friends let us be ourselves! What could be greater than “being you”?

Take care of myself for me and others around me.

I’m going to concentrate a lot on this department in 2014. Health truly is wealth, and when life is crazily busy, we need to slow down at every available opportunity and concentrate on our health and wellbeing. Yearly health checkups can prevent or cure many diseases before it’s too late. Remember, we’re no good, dead or sick to our family or friends…we need to be alive and healthy to walk through life with anyone!
Use social networking to keep in touch and share my thoughts. Not as a platform to publicize every moment of my life.

I always cherish the private moments for my near and dear ones. I prefer to meet actual people and to look, feel and smell the essence of life with those around meSo this year, I’m going to go out of my way to give a hug and bring a smile to someone’s face. I would never trade my real experiences and the warmth they ooze with a 1000 “likes” or "virtual compliments" anyday!

Embrace the "Don't worry, be happy" attitude seriously

People have often asked me how I manage to smile so effortlessly? Well, keeping aside my bad days, when I’m happy, I really feel good from the inside, and I guess it reflects through my smile. I always follow a very simple rule: 

“I never think with work or family responsibilities, I have an option to choose. These two aspects of my life are something I must do, no matter what!” Nevertheless, when it comes to relaxing and having fun, I don’t compromise. I plan and wait to spend my free time with people I really care about and those who care about me. There is no obligation, no hesitation and no stress. I choose my jolly people and joyful moments wisely.

Ofcourse, not everyone thinks or makes new year's resolutions like me, simply because they feel they are cool the way they are...but me? I want to make changes for the better every single day of my life and be one step closer to my dreams ! Here’s wishing you a very exciting, challenging and smashing 2014!! 

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