Oct 5, 2013

Autumn Moon Viewing


Taken from my balcony on Sept. 19th, 2013!
The first event in autumn is the “Moon Viewing” ceremony called “Tsukimi” to celebrate the “harvest moon”. The celebrations usually fall on the 13th day of the 9th month. In Japanese, “tsuki means moon & “mi” means to see. Traditionally, the Japanese honor the beauty of the full harvest moon, by offering rice dumplings called “Tsukimi  Dango” and other seasonal products on an altar surrounded by decorations of autumn flowers and Japanese pampas grass called “susuki”.

Tsukimi Dango

A “Tsukimi Party” is a very popular event, where people eat Tsukimi Dango, drink sake, listen to the “Koto” and pray for a good harvest under the full moon. To commemorate the full moon, Japanese noodle shops also offer fall menus such as "tsukimi udon", where noodles are topped with raw eggs (the yolk depicting the full moon). Fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, offer limited seasonal “Tsukimi burgers”!

Tsukimi Burger
Tsukimi Udon Noodles
*Taken from cookpad.com

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